Course: Storytelling for Medical Specialists –

Storytelling for Medical Specialists

First there were words, then there was Magic
– Storytelling for Medical Specialists –

Target Group:
Any health care professional who wishes to use storytelling techniques in a health care context without using PowerPoint or any other presentation programme.

Student-centred objectives:
At the end of the day the attendees will be able to use their new skills to:
– Improve patient compliance with their medication protocol.
– Help motivate quality-of-life changes.
– Elegantly suggest a specific course of action.
– Apply the skills to other áreas both professional & personal..
– Use appropriate verbal and non verbal communication.
– Use elements of Ericksonian / conversational hypnosis in their stories.

Course content:
– Storytelling in context.
– Timing
– The psychology of storytelling.
– Anecdotes vs presentations vs Storytelling
– Points to Consider.
– Deductive vs Inductive reasoning
– Content elements.
– Basic principles of storytelling.
– Structure(s) of stories.
– Application in business.
– Nonverbal communication.
– Verbal communication.
– Digital anchors
– Analogical anchors
– Objective correlative
– Amnesia / Hipernesia
– Ideosensory trance
– Time distortion.

Every element will be followed by practical exercises – individual, pairs and triads – designed to reinforce previous elements while incorporating the new material. Attendees will be videotaped during the session.

Duration: 09:00h – 18:00h. (8 hours)