Training Philosophy

11 Excellent reasons to attend Brownlee & Associates courses

1.-They are designed to meet YOUR Needs, Wants and Lacks.

2.-They give you tools to use today, not “some time in the future”.

3.-They are practical, applicable and also useful outside the work context.

4.-All the training is done in small, personalized groups.

5.-All of the courses are continually being revised and updated on the basis of new research data received.

6.-The courses focus on “real life” problems and answers.

7.-The courses contain real “power” techniques that can be used to influence or control others through improving verbal and non verbal communication.

8.-The courses relate theory with practice through a range of practical tasks.

9.-On many courses, the trainees are videotaped throughout the course and at the end so that they can actually see the progress they have made.

10.-“Tailor-made” courses can be given at times convenient for the client. For example, in the late afternoon, on week-ends, etc.

11.-All participants receive FREE follow up and support by fax, telephone or E-mail.

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