The Art & Science of Presentations for Sales & Marketing.

Ian Brownlee has more than 25 years experience working with professionals in many different areas both in Spain and overseas. His clients include companies in the following areas: Health Care providers ( Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, etc) as well as Information Systems, High-value luxury products, Hair care products, Food & beverage providers, Hotel Management, International transport, Construction, Wholesale distribution, Publishing houses, etc.

2016.eng.sales & Mktg

Target: Marketing Directors, Product Managers (both Seniors & juniors) and any other person involved in Sales or the presentation of products or marketing plans.

The trainees will learn how to:
– Structure the marketing plan / presentation in such a way that it reaches the subconscious mind of the audience.
– Apply the same structure to any situation where it is necessary to convince the audience.
– Construct & effectively use an “Accordion” presentation.
– Identify how audience members are mentally processing the content of the presentation to ensure that the appropriate message is sent & received.
– Control y use both verbal & non verbal communication to reinforce the intended message.
– Reach 100% of the audience.
– Lead the audience to form an emotional commitment to the success of the plan.

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