Catalogue: Courses available

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Basic skills and techniques of Principled Negotiation

Negotiating with South Koreans

Negotiation with hospital pharmacies

Principled Negotiation Skills with N.L.P

Principled Negotiation Skills without NLP-3 days

Advanced Negotiation_dealing with difficult people

Negotiation Modules for H.R. Professionals


The Art & Science of Presenting in Public

The Art & Science of Financial Presentations

The Art & Science of Marketing & Sales Presentations

The Art & Science of Presentation skills for Marketing_Selling your Plan

Advanced Presentation skills

The Art & Science of Preparing Presentations

Questions_Dealing with them in Public Speaking Situations

Business Plan Presentations that get to the Point

Science presentation

The Art & Science of Presenting in Congresses (Medical & Scientific contexts)



Other Courses Available:

coachingAdv.question.techniques: The Meta Model Vs. The Milton Model.




Initiation to N.L.P. (1 Day)  (Business focus)



discussion two groups
Advanced interpersonal communication skills



coachingApplied Techniques in feedback, feedforward & fast coaching



angry man on phone


Dealing with Complaints by phone




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Dealing with Complaints face-to-face



new team


Creating a new team




Effective Communication via email





Communication for Enhance Marketing Access



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N.L.P. for Trainers




Marketing with N.L.P




Reflexive listening for Salesmen

Reflexive Listening



P.A. announce

Effective Communication Using a P.A. system



Stage Skills for Trainers





The Ultimate Communication Skills course for International Virtual Team Leaders or Members (Videoconferences, Teleconferences and Email Communication)




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